• Ball Bearing Slide Installation

    Silent Soft-Closing Cabinet Design Ensure that the difference for the cabinet internal width and drawer internal width is within the tolerance of 26mm Example: Cabinet internal width500mm-26mm=474mm Drawer width=474mm ...
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  • Under Mount Slide Installation

    Cabinet evaluation check (1) Confirm the cabinet space: cabinet drawer wide width and best distance is 42 ~ 43mm * For example: cabinet width 500mm * The drawer is 457~458mm * Space is too small, easy to cause the slide rail. * Too large spacing, easy to lead to the fai...
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  • Cabinet Hinges Installation

    Installation Instruction 1. Please ensure all measurements such as the hole positions and the drilling distances in Fig.1 are met before mounting the hinge. 2. Please ensure the distance between the door panel and the cabinet is 6mm before mounting the base plate. The hinges and the door edge sho...
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