Our products are sold under three highly reputable brands: YANGLI, GERISS, HIFEEL. They are drawer system, Concealed slides, Ball bearing slides, Table Slides, Concealed hinges, handles, oven hinges and other furniture hardware accessories, which are used in furniture, cabinets, home appliance etc...
  • MR Series Micro Gear Pumps

    MR Series Micro Gear Pumps

    Performance Parameters:

    Flow range: 0.001 – 48.5 L/min

    Inlet pressure: -0.9 – 10 bar

    Pressure difference: 0 – 25.5 bar

    Maximum temperature: -20 – 180 ℃

    Viscosity range: 0.4 -3000 cps

    Density range: 1.8

    Motor selection: AC motor, Brush less DC, Servo, Inverter motor, Explosion-proof motor

    Import and export thread: NPT 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4

    Non-standard custom: OEM machinery and equipment matching, servo control custom.