Workshop Of Our Company

Advanced workshop, professional design team and strict quality control system

1.Warehouse of raw materials

Warehouse of raw materials

2.Mould workshop

Mould workshop

3.Pull trough workshop

Pull trough workshop

4.Ball bearing slides punching & cut
5.Assemble of ball bearing slides
6.rolling mill of undermount slides

Ball bearing slides punching & cut

Assemble of ball bearing slides

Rolling mill of undermount slides

7.Undermount slides punching & cut
8.Undermount slides punch forming
9.Assemble of undermount slides

Undermount slides punching & cut

Undermount slides punch forming

Assemble of undermount slides

10.Endurance test machine
11.Fatigue test machine
12.Finished stacking area

Endurance test machine

Fatigue test machine

Finished stacking area