Oven door hinges manufacturer let you know the oven hinges!

GERISS HARDWARE - China oven door hinge manufacturer introduce to the users.The hinge should be a reflection of the safety performance of the stove oven.For the gas cooker oven hinge’s material,thickness and the stability these three point can be good prove for the quality of the gas cooker/stove/range ovens. Choose the oven also should pay attention for these three points. Buy the high safety gas cooker oven to ensure that cooking is fun.

Today, this article mainly focuses on the hinge of the door of the steam oven to do some popular science to you.

Oven door hinge

GERISS Oven Door Hinge s Materials

In fact, the oven door hinges are made of a variety of materials like zinc alloy,steel,nylon,stainless steel are all usable. But the kitchen appliances with higher temperatures like ovens. The oven door hinges usually use cold rolled steel are the mains. Because the oven door hinges are concealed in the oven doors. Oven doors usually have insulation parts. So oven hinges made from cold-rolled steel are the most common. GERISS oven door hinges typically withstand high temperatures in the range of about 150 ℃. With good processing performance, high toughness, strong stability, corrosion resistance and other characteristics, widely used in industry and furniture decoration industry.


GERISS Oven Door Hinge s Thickness

The thickness of the hinge determines the stability and security of the oven door, and also determines whether some hidden cracks are easy to clean.Too thin hinge can cause the gap between the door body and the body is too small, after a long time of use in the gap will accumulate a lot of dirt, too small gap toilet paper can not be stretched into, clean very headache.Below the support with the strong and powerful hinge of a few thick, plus a few professional design, can let the gap between door body and air frame bigger, can facilitate clean among them dirty thing.


GERISS Oven Door Hinge s Stability

In fact, the thicker the hinge is more proof of its high stability, not only in the thickness, some help the main hinge protection layer can improve the stability, from the appearance can see the hinge after several layers of protection, there is a high sense of security.Choose to be able to hover arbitrarily on use even, this ability reflects the ultra high stability of hinge.


GERISS Oven Door Hinge s Spring wire diameter

GERISS hardware is suitable for household,industrial as well as gas cooker oven,especially for the kind of door which weight 3 - 15 KGS for over 17 years.

Post time: Dec-23-2020