How to choose the right concealed drawer slides?

Some customers asked me how to choose the right undermount drawer slide? Today I will introduce what types undermount drawer slide do we have. 

Geriss hardware have some different type of concealed drawer slides.  For the details you can visit at 

Select the appropriate of yours bottom mount drawer slide, you must to know what your drawer bottom board's depth to choose the undermount slide length. And according to your drawer cabinet inside space to choose correct installation space conceaeld slides. Because Geriss concealed drawer runners according different customer's requirement to make slides use for 16mm or 19mm board. Some customers will ask what is 16mm or 19mm board? Look at below pictures:

Concealed drawer runner 16mm board

Max 16 = 16mm board

undermount drawer runner 18mm board

Max 19 = 19mm board

According to the pictures showed, you can see Max 19 the drawer inside to cabinet inside distance are 25mm. For the Max 16, the drawer inside to cabinet inside distance are 21mm.

When finished choose the correct size undermount drawer runners. You can according to your requirements to choose the undermount drawer glides functions. Geriss undermount runners has Soft Close Full Extension Concealed Drawer Slide, Push To Open Full Extension Concealed Drawer Slide,Soft Close Single Extension Concealed Drawer Slide, Single Extension Push To Open Under Mount Drawer Slides. All function you can choose use adjustable screws or front locking device.

Geriss also have the undermount drawer slides use for face frame cabinet or frameless cabinet can choose.

Face frame kitchen cabinet undermount drawer slide

Face frame kitchen cabinet undermount drawer glide

frameless kitchen cabinet concealed runners
Frameless kitchen cabinet undermount drawer runners


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Post time: Oct-16-2020