A cameo makes a big stage

In furniture or cabinets production, actually hardware fittings holds its cost only around 5%-10%. But the stand or fall of quality of a furniture or cabinets, the most intuitive feeling is the smoothness of drawer slides, cabinet door switch and whether quiet, each function piece whether human nature is changed, “GERISS HARDWARE” is like a day for decades, unremitting, do furniture hardware fittings only. Adhere to the supporting role, do not do the leading role, the supporting role, thoroughly, small supporting role also has a big stage, can also achieve a big life.

GERISS HARDWARE professional produce drawer system,concealed drawer slides,ball bearing telescopic channels,table slides,hinges and customized furniture accessories according customer’s sample or drawing. We are welcome to receive your inquiry.

Concealed Drawer Runners 001

Post time: Nov-17-2020