The Ministry of environmental protection officially implemented the new environmental protection standards for furniture

On February 1, the Ministry of environmental protection issued the "technical requirements of environmental labeling products furniture (HJ 2547-2016)" officially implemented, and the "technical requirements furniture for environmental labeling products" (HJ / T 303-2006) was abolished.


Furniture products will have environmental protection signs


The new standard specifies the terms and definitions, basic requirements, technical contents and inspection methods of furniture environmental labeling products. It is applicable to indoor furniture, including wood furniture, metal furniture, plastic furniture, soft furniture, rattan furniture, glass stone furniture and other furniture and accessories, but the standard does not apply to cabinet products. It is understood that the new version of the standard is generally more stringent, and a number of environmental protection requirements have been added. After the implementation of the standard, the household products that meet the standard will have an environmental protection mark, which indicates that the product not only meets the corresponding product quality and safety standards, but also meets the national environmental protection requirements in the process of production and use.


The new standard increases the requirements for raw materials of leather and artificial leather, increases the requirements for waste recovery and treatment in the production process, adjusts the requirements for the limits of harmful substances in solvent based wood coatings, and increases the requirements for the limits of transferable elements and phthalates in products.


The new standard specifies a number of details


The new standard requires that in the production process, furniture production enterprises should collect and treat the waste generated by classification; effectively collect and treat sawdust and dust without direct discharge; in the coating process, effective gas collection measures should be taken and the collected waste gas should be treated.


Taking the environmental protection requirements of the product description as an example, the product description specified in the new standard should include: the quality standard of the product and the inspection standard it is based on; if the furniture or accessories need to be assembled, there should be the assembly instructions in the diagram; the instructions for cleaning and maintaining the products with different materials by different methods; the materials used in the products and those beneficial to the environment for recycling and disposal Information.

Post time: Sep-09-2020